W3 International Panel – Greening Work in a Chilly Climate: Canadian Challenges & International Perspectives – Video

What can we learn from  China, EU,  the US, and from around Canada? What role can labour play in national climate policy? How can the work world take leadership in reducing GHGs? What works, in greening workplaces? Sectors? Occupations? Education and training? What can we learn from green restructuring of hard-hit industrial communities in the EU? The US? Canada?

On November 17th, 2011 the W3 hosted an International Panel with experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada to discuss these challenging issues.

The W3’s International Panel showcased five guest speakers. To see the videos of our guest speakers’ presentations please click on the appropriate link provided below the speakers name:

Carla Lipsig-Mummé – Professor of Work and Labour Studies, York                                      University, Canada

Introduction – mp4

Andrew Bowerbank – Former Director, World Green Building                                             Council                                                    

“China’s Strategy for a Green Economy” – mp4

Charles Campbell – Research Director, United Steelworkers-Canada                                                                                             “Hard to be Green but Easy to be Blue: Labour’s Environmental Agenda in a Tough Climate” – mp4

Linda Clarke – Professor of European Industrial Relations, University                         of Westminster, U.K.

“Bolt-on Skills for Low-carbon Construction: British Training in European Context” – mp4 

Marc Lee – Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy                                    Alternatives-British Columbia

 “Climate Justice, Green Jobs and Sustainable Production” – mp4

Sarah White – Senior Associate, Center on Wisconsin Strategy                                 (COWS), U.S.

“Greener Partnerships: Building Movements, Delivering Equity” – mp4

More information about the W3 International Panel – Greening Work in a Chilly Climate: Canadian Challenges and International Perspectives, speaker biographies, and Agenda.