Work in a Warming World: Adapting Canadian Employment and Work to the Challenges of Climate Change

An Environmental Community-University Research Alliance (E-CURA) of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Work in a Warming World is a 5 year collaborative research partnership whose purpose is the better understanding of the present and potential role of work in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

Research Questions

The adaptation of work and employment in the context of climate change is a new research area. W3 E-CURA has four goals:

  1. To factor the work world into Canadian climate policy.
  2. To engage partners active in the work world and the environmental community in crafting and implementing practical strategies to reduce GHGs in workplaces of every kind.
  3. To increase the number of highly qualified personnel trained to develop a ‘green turn’ in Canadian industry, services and professions.
  4. To turn research on the impact of global warming into practical solutions.

With these goals in mind,Work in a Warming World asks:

  1. How are labour market organisations assessing and responding to the impact of climate change for work and employment?
  2. How, concretely, can labour market organisations and their members make their employment and work practices more environmentally responsible?
  3. What roles do international, national and regional regulatory policies and non-governmental standard-setting play in shaping employment futures?
  4. How widely and how well are universities and training institutions educating and training for new jobs, and adapting training for ongoing jobs?

Research Plan

W3 E-CURA’s research is organised around four themes:

  1. How will we work? Where will we work, in 2025? A Study of Occupations, Sectors and Professions
  2. Policy, Governance and Regulation: Canadian and International Perspectives
  3. Education, Training and Retraining: Assessment and Proposals
  4. Intersections: The Interface between Climate, Work and Society

W3 CURA’s Members
Dr. Carla Lipsig-Mummé, York University, Director
Mr. Geoff Bickerton, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Associate Director

Dr. Luis Aguiar, University of British Columbia
Dr. Dawn Bazely, York University
Mr. Geoff Bickerton, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Dr. John Calvert, Simon Fraser University
Mr. Charles Campbell, United Steelworkers
Dr. Peter Christoff, University of Melbourne
Dr. David Doorey, York University
Dr. Bryan Evans, Ryerson University
Dr. Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University
Dr. Irene Henriques, York University
Mr. Michael Hersh, Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress
Dr. John Holmes, Queen’s University
Dr. Jan Kainer, York University
Dr. Warren Mabee, Queen’s University
Dr. Laurel MacDowell, University of Toronto
Canada Research Chair Stephen McBride, McMaster University
Dr. Joan McFarland, St. Thomas University
Dr. John-Justin McMurtry, York University
Dr. Simon Milne, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute
Dr. Scott Prudham, University of Toronto
Dr. John Shields, Ryerson University
Dr. Brendan Sweeney, University of Manitoba
Dr. Steven Tufts, York University
Dr. Stepan Wood, York University

Mr. John O’Grady, Prism Economics and Analysis
Ms. Sarah Winterton, Environmental Defence

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (British Columbia)
Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Clean Air Partnership
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
Environmental Defence
Fondation Monique-Fitzback
Forest Products Sector Council
Learning for a Sustainable Future
National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy
National Union of Public Employees
New Brunswick Union (NUPGE)
Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy
Prism Economics and Analysis
Queen’s University
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Ryerson University
Simon Fraser University
St. Thomas University
University of British Columbia
United Food and Commercial Workers
United Steel Workers Canada
University of Toronto
Wood Manufacturing Council
York University

Associate Members
Dr. Paul Antze, York University
Dr. Stuart Schoenfeld, York University
Dr. Andrew Secord, St. Thomas University