W3 Working Papers

View published working papers related to the W3 project.

W3’s Working Papers are research articles from authors associated with the Work in a Warming World (W3) project. The  researchers are from W3 partner institutions and leading authorities in the area of work and climate change. The papers elucidate the issues of climate change, labour and social struggle. These papers are some of the most current and relevant sources of information on work and climate change; offering in-depth analyses, appraisals and prescriptions.

The W3 papers explore four main theme areas:

  • How will we work? Where will we work in 2025?: Occupations, Industries, Professions
  • Policy Governance and Regulation: Canadian and International Perspectives
  • Education, Training and Retraining: Assessments and Proposals
  • Intersections: The Interface between climate, work and society