Programme Members

Members of Work in a Warming World (W3)

Dr. Carla Lipsig-Mummé, Director

Mr. Geoff Bickerton, Associate Director


Dr. Luis Aguiar, University of British Columbia

Dr. Dawn Bazely, York University

Dr. Kean Birch, York University

Dr. John Calvert, Simon Fraser University

Mr. Charles Campbell, United Steelworkers

Dr. Peter Christoff, University of Melbourne

Dr. David Doorey, York University

Mr. Bernie Ennis, Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy

Dr. Bryan Evans, Ryerson University

Dr. Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University

Mr. Robert Hatfield

Dr. Irene Henriques, York University

Mr. Michael Hersh, Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress

Dr. John Holmes, Queen’s University

Dr. Jan Kainer, York University

Federation Fellow Amanda Lynch, Monash University

Dr. Warren Mabee, Queen’s University

Dr. Laurel MacDowell, University of Toronto

Dr. Stephen McBride, McMaster University, Canada Research Chair

Dr. Joan McFarland, St. Thomas University

Dr. John-Justin McMurtry, York University

Dr. Simon Milne, AUT, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

Dr. Scott Prudham, University of Toronto

Dr. Joanna Robinson, York University – Glendon College

Mr. Steven Shallhorn, Labour Education Centre

Dr. John Shields, Ryerson University

Dr. Brendan Sweeney, McMaster University

Dr. Steven Tufts, York University

Ms. Sarah Winterton, Environmental Defence

Dr. Stepan Wood, York University


Associate Members

Dr. Paul Antze, York University

Dr. Stuart Schoenfeld, York University

Dr. Andrew Secord, St. Thomas University


Partner Organizations

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (British Columbia)

Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Congress

Clean Air Partnership

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Environmental Defence

Fondation Monique-Fitzback

Institute for Research in Sustainability (IRIS)

Labour Education Centre (Toronto)

Learning for a Sustainable Future

Morgan Centre for Labour Research at Simon Fraser University

National Union of Public and General Employees

New Brunswick Union (NUPGE)

Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy

Prism Economics and Analysis

Queen’s University

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Ryerson University

Simon Fraser University

St. Thomas University

University of British Columbia – Okanagan

United Food and Commercial Workers

United Steel Workers Canada


University of Toronto

York University

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